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Installation Instructions

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Buide Blocks & Thrust Bearings Installed

Ceramic Thrust Bearing Installation Guide
(Jet/Import 14" and Delta 15" Band saw)

Replacing Upper Thrust Bearing

* Step 1 - Replacing the upper thrust bearing is a simple procedure, simply use a screw driver on the older models or a 5/32 Allen wrench to remove the retaining screws on the operator's side of the saw. The upper thrust will slide off. Replace with the Spaceage ceramic thrust bearing, using smaller washer.


Replacing Bottom Bearing

* Step 1 - Loosen or remove the band saw blade.

  • Delta saws -- move guide assembly all the way to the left side to gain clear access to the right hand, flat head slot screw which holds the adjustment assembly to the saw. Remove screw.

  • Jet/Imports saws -- repeat Step 1. 

* Step 2 - Delta only -- loosen set screws which retain lock collars for adjustment controls with an 1/8" Allen wrench. Push collars away from the trunnion base and back out adjustment control bolts until left hand, flat head slot screw is accessible. Remove screw. Entire adjustment assembly should then be removed for final disassembly by unscrewing both adjustment control bolts.

* Step 3 - Delta only -- use a 5/32" Allen wrench to remove the flathead screw which is located on the end of the thrust bearing shaft. This allows for the removal of the shaft assembly along with the thrust bearing. Remove thrust bearing and replace with Spaceage ceramic thrust bearing using larger washer.

* Step 4 - Reassemble in reverse order and adjust blade guides accordingly.


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